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Application sustanon cycle Bioaron C causes stimulation of the immune system due to the substances contained in the extract from the leaves of aloe tree. The drug has a stimulating influence on both humoral and cellular immunity, causes an increase in the number of lymphocytes B and T, and the number of antibodies circulating in the blood, which leads to an increase in the body’s resistance to bacterial and viral infections.
In addition, sustanon cycle Bioaron C improves appetite, contains vitamin C and juice chokeberry Aronia, who also is a source of vitamins and minerals.

Indications for use :

In the treatment and prevention of relapse in children older than 3 years with recurrent viral and bacterial infections of the upper respiratory tract, such as chronic pharyngitis and tonsillitis, recurrent rhinitis, laryngitis, laryngotracheitis, sinusitis and sore throat.

Sustanon cycle effects :

Sustanon 250, like any other testosterone drug, is extremely flexible, allowing it to “sharpen” it for almost any purpose. This can be safely stated by looking at the manifestations of the effects: Intensive growth of muscle mass. The drug perfectly copes with this task, albeit not as it is done by means with higher anabolic and androgenic activity. On the other hand, small increments ensure the “quality” of the mass and a small rollback after the completion of the course. Increase of power indicators. This feature makes Sustanon cycle a priority for representatives of power sports such as weightlifting and powerlifting. Due to the small influence on the weight of the athlete’s body, the drug will appeal to those for whom it is important to maintain a stable weight class. Burning fat. This feature is manifested due to the effect on leptin, ghrelin and other enzymes responsible for the metabolism of fats. This also makes Sustanon 250 a good (albeit not the best) choice during the “drying” period.

Contraindications :

Hypersensitivity to the drug, acute inflammatory diseases of the digestive system, children under 3 years (due to the lack of clinical data).
It is not recommended to use the drug to people with malabsorption of glucose or galactose, fructose intolerance or deficit sucrose-isomaltase.

Dosage and administration :

The drug is used inside for 30-40 minutes before meals. If the doctor is not otherwise directed, the drug should be taken:
children aged 3 to 6 years – 2 times daily 5 ml (1 measuring spoon) of the drug,
over 6 years – 3 times a day for 5 ml (1 measuring spoon) of the drug .
The course of treatment – 2 weeks. Increase the duration and repeat courses of treatment possible on doctor’s advice.

Side effects :

Allergic reactions, in rare cases – diarrhea and nausea.

Overdose :

So far, cases of overdose have not been described.

Interaction with other drugs :

The product contains ascorbic acid (vitamin C), so:


  • its combined use with sulfonamides can lead to precipitation of crystals in the urine sulfonamides;
  • preparation can enhance iron absorption in the gastrointestinal tract;
  • may increase the effects of laxatives;
  • may increase the rate of excretion of amphetamine and tricyclic antidepressants.

Special instructions :

A single dose (5 mL) contains about 3.3 g of sucrose, which corresponds to 0.33 XE, which should be considered for patients with diabetes mellitus. The preparation contains 4.5% ethanol; in a single dose (ml) contained 0.29 g of ethanol. The drug can distort the results of the various laboratory tests (glucose content in the blood of bilirubin, transaminases, LDH).

Product form :

sustanon cycle. At 150 g of orange glass vials, sealed with plastic screw caps. Each bottle with the scoop and the instructions for use is placed in a cardboard box.

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